IML Grace Lithium

An electric scooter that you will fall in love with from the first ride, the scooter has a soft start and is definitely lower than most electric scooters. Therefore, if you are a shorter person, choose a Grace electric scooter. The single-wheeler was equipped with a brushless 800 W motor from Bosch, thanks to this solution you can be sure of the quality and the fact that you will travel several thousand kilometers on a scooter.
Driving costs can be set at PLN 2 per 100 km – this value is unattainable for petrol scooters, which also very often force the user to additional costs due to numerous failures or faults.

The engine is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which – depending on the driving style – has a range of up to 65 km and allows about 1000 charging cycles. The main advantages of a lithium-ion battery are the ability to remove it at any time. You can easily charge it at home, work or anywhere. “Litówka” also means 2 times more cycles compared to gel batteries, and 2 times shorter charging – from 4 to 6 hours.

This is one of the best value for money. On a scooter you will travel about 65,000 km – this value is not achievable for any petrol scooter without taking into account numerous engine repairs or replacing expensive filters, oils.

Remember – you can add a second lithium-ion battery and reach a range of 130 km!

Electric scooters up to 45 km / h are analogue scooters up to 50 cm, so you don’t need a driving license to drive Grace, all you need is your ID card. However, if you are a minor you will be required to have an AM driving license. Grace also has 2 driving modes: Fast and Eco. The first mode is adapted to driving in the city on wide streets, while the second one is chosen on smaller streets or on roads with unpaved surface. Eco mode also has lower power consumption.

BATTERY – Lithium Ion




BATTERY LIFE – 1000 cycles


MAX SPEED – 45 (km / h)

MAXIMUM RANGE – 60km / 1 person (70kg)


BRAKES (FRONT / REAR) – Disc / Drum

SUSPENSION (FRONT / REAR) – Hydraulic / Hydraulic

TIRE SIZE (FRONT / REAR) – 90 / 90-10 ′ Tubeless Tire

DIMENSIONS – 1727 × 714 × 1071mm

WHEELBASE – 1202mm

MAXIMUM LOAD – 2 people + load (150kg)

COUNTER – Digital


WEIGHT – 64kg (Without Battery)

EQUIPMENT – Cruise control, USB

COLOR – White, Dark Blue, Red

PRICE – Lithium version: SPECIAL OFFER 7499 PLN 6499 PLN

Double Lithium version: SPECIAL OFFER 9999 PLN 8999 PLN

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