From the very beginning, the designers of the S3 wanted to design a scooter that would represent the latest design in its design. Since the scooter belongs to the premium class, the components cannot fail either, one of the largest companies is responsible for them. The S3 motor power is 1750 W by Bosch, while the battery is 60V 26Ah from Samsung. This amount of ampere-hours is not often found in other electric scooters. Most models are equipped with 20Ah.
It seems that this difference is not particularly important, however, the previously mentioned 6Ah will provide an additional 10 km of range.

The designers of the S3 followed the principle of designing a minimalist scooter, thus giving the S3 less, but for the eyes of its owner more. You will not find outdated solutions in this scooter, the project was carefully designed and tested in a prototype. The implementation of new solutions and technologies only makes sense when the scooter is made with the utmost care, we believe and we receive feedback from customers that this art was successful in the S3 model.

Quality is still the key word on the lips of consumers, we all expect a top-shelf product, in the S3 electric scooter, we can achieve real quality by equipping it with a lithium-ion battery from Samsung. This battery is characterized by the highest usability, among other things, because we can remove it at any time. The heart of the scooter guarantees us 1000 charging cycles, adding a range of about 70 km, we get an impressive 70,000 km to travel on one battery.

Something more is expected of premium products and the S3 offers “something more”. Can you imagine yourself sitting by the lake with your friends, and next to you there is an electric scooter from which your favorite music resounds? It is not a fiction that you will connect with the S3 thanks to bluetooth technology, the speakers guarantee a really good sound. Mobile entertainment center? Sounds good.


BATTERY – Samsung Lithium Ion



BATTERY LIFE – 1000 cycles


DRIVE – 1750W Bosch Motor

MAX SPEED – 45 (km / h)

MAXIMUM RANGE – up to 70 km / 1 person (70kg)


BRAKES (FRONT / REAR) – Disc / Disc

DISPLAY – Digital

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